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who we are:

Bill & carol durr

We moved here in 1972. Prior to that we lived in downtown Annapolis, a town we still love, where we learned to sail and gave birth to our two kids. The kids led to thoughts of leaving our townhouse, sailing led to thoughts of living on the water and they both morphed into the idea that a small marina would pull it all together and be a lot of fun - to boot. After looking for a year and nearly giving up on the idea, Carol found an ad that read "Own your own island, comes with 38 slips". It was a dump, but driving away the dumpiness faded into potential. ​

Two years of zoning appeals, 23 local, state and federal permits and 18 months of construction later, we opened for business. We were young, naive and didn't have much money, but back then we had energy, endurance and luck.


We are one of the dwindling number of family owned marinas on the Bay, in our case literally a Mom and Pop operation. We've been here since 1972 and can't think of anywhere else we'd rather be. We hope you feel the same way. 

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